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Nora is sneaking around, acting weird and choosing her words carefully so that they can also be interpreted sexually. Or the writers are. Either way, people assume she's a lesbian.

She's not, though. Just a florist.

Kitty is busted following her and her suspicions are wrong. In the end, Nora sets the record straight and Nora finally moves into her own house for the next couple of months.

Luc's underwear ad launch party arrives and Paige is treating Sarah like crap. For Sarah, it's hard to reconcile the fact that Paige hates her, but she'll set better values now.

Kevin and Scotty bid farewell to Mateo, who wasn't destined to be a permanent part of the Walker clan. Hopefully, they will find that paternal outlet somewhere else next.

Justin helps Holly's memory return, slowly but surely. David is not happy with him being around in any sense.

Brothers & Sisters
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