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Nora competes for a job at the radio station and hilariously ends up trying to bail when her chief competitor throws her off her game.

Fortunately, Kitty calls in and saves the day ... by letting Nora tell her she'll know when it's time to move on from Robert.

She thought it was time to move on with handyman Jack, but it wasn't just yet. Still, the guy is persistent.

Kevin decides it's time to move on ... with the surrogacy plans. But Scotty realizes it's not yet. He admits he was unfaithful months ago and can't take that kind of step when their relationship needs work.

Sarah is convinced Luc won't get back to his roots because of his modeling career. She tries to plan something romantic, then is convinced he's cheating on her.

He's just taking meetings with modeling agents, however. But this misunderstanding is cleared up when ... he proposes! She accepts!

Brothers & Sisters
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