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Justin spent the hour ferrying Holly to her doctor appointments because he wants to hit on the cute nurse.

David has a relapse, due to the stress of Holly’s memory loss. 

David attends a meeting with Justin and is magically cured in time for Holly to remember that they’re engaged. 

Kitty and Sarah squabble and then make-up over a couple bottles of wine.

Sarah will be moving forward and buying a media company to run, while Kitty will be trying her hand at teaching.

Nora has made a new friend at the radio station, a certain Dr. Karl.

Dr. Karl recommends she stop trying to fix all of her children, which Nora is delightfully dismissive of.

Kevin and Scotty saw Paige doing her best to build a bridge between her arguing uncles.

Sarah’s little girl finally gets Kevin and Scotty to talk and both got more off of their chests.

Kevin finally gives in and the two have a heart-to-heart where they talk about what led them to this place. 

Brothers & Sisters
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