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Nora and Kitty discuss love lives. Kevin and Scotty may or may not try to adopt.

Justin makes small talk with Annie.

Dr. Karl is at his book signing. Nora drops by and is overcome by the estrogen in the room.

Kevin and Scotty are role-playing in the adoption class.

The teacher knocks on the imaginary door and tells Scotty that the birth mother wants the baby back.

Scotty protests, but Kevin tells him that the birth mother has every right to take the baby back within 60 days.

Kevin says his goodbye, which at first is curt and hilarious, but then he gets into the moment.

Seth and Kitty are in bed together when they start getting calls from everyone they know saying their story is all over the Internet.

Seth gets a call from his mother and they realize that they have to confront this, or it'll blow up in their faces.

Kevin is having a grand old time with Nora dishing about Kitty.

Kitty talks to Seth's mom. She actually tells Kitty that's she too good for her son, and can do better.

Justin and Annie continue to struggle at work.

Kevin and Scotty have decided to go to an "adoption fair."

Seth's mom has definitely put the seed of doubt in Kitty's mind.

At family dinner, Nora calls Dr. Karl the Robert Redford of literature.

The jokes start flying about Seth's age. The bickering continues, with Kitty trying to make excuses for Seth, and him calling her on it.

Dr. Karl calls it a "group therapy session" and bails.

Kevin and Scotty show up at the fair, and immediately meet Olivia, who kids around with them about being gay dads, then offers to show them around.

Nora tells Karl the they're just not a good match, and they break up.

Justin confesses his feelings for Annie.

Kitty reads Seth's short story, and assumes it's about her.

Kevin and Scotty are about to leave the fair and have to write down their top five picks. They're having a hard time of it until Olivia comes up to say goodbye, and hugs them both.

As she walks away, Kevin says "I think she just chose us."

Brothers & Sisters
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