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The season opener picks up a year after the traffic accident of last season’s finale.

Robert is in a coma, Holly is alive but having severe memory problems, and the rest of the Walkers have lost their Walker-ness.

Justin has gone off to war, and the decision has cost him Rebecca. The accident appears to have done the impossible, and broken the family that could not be broken.

Sarah is still having a torrid affair with Luc, who has become an underwear model in response to the poor economy. The two are considering moving to France, following the sale of Narrow Lake for a whopping $55 million.

Scotty and Saul’s new restaurant, Cafe 429, is open but no one has gone. It turns out that in the passing year, Scotty and Kevin lost two babies to miscarriages.

Kevin has become a pro bono lawyer representing the less fortunate and in true Kevin fashion has shut out his husband and isn’t dealing with his feelings.

By the end of the episode, one of Kevin’s young clients, Mateo, stays in their apartment for the night after finding him avoiding his drunken father.

Kitty is having difficulty letting go, and can’t bring herself to pull the plug on Robert despite Justin saying he’s in a “permanent, vegetative state.”

Kitty considers becoming the head of the RNC, because the Republicans need someone with “intelligence, clear-headed thinking and compassion.” 

Justin forces her to see reason about her husband, and she says good-bye to Robert and moves on with her life.

Justin returns from war and is catalyst that snaps his family out of their tragedy-induced state when he begs them to all start yelling at each other.

One who will not be joining them? Rebecca has moved out of their apartment, claiming that she couldn’t deal with his going off to war again.

Nora is working at a florist, complete with a boss who clearly isn’t a fan. She complains to Saul (still HIV+) that she lost her voice after the accident. 

Brothers & Sisters
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