Angel Eyes - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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The Master is tired of Buffy kill his followers. He sends out "The Three" to finish her off.

The Scoobies are enjoying the fumigation party at The Bronze. Buffy is sulking over boy troubles and thinking about Angel. She leaves early and is attacked by The Three.

Angel breaks up the fight in time to save Buffy. They run back to her place to treat his wounds; he removes his shirt and Buffy notices his tattoo.

Joyce arrives home and Buffy introduces Angel as a student from the community college. After pretending that he leaves, Angel stays over at Buffy's; he sleeps on the floor by her bed.

Giles discovers that it's The Three who came to attack her. Seeking penance from The Master, The Three offer up their lives for failing to kill the Slayer. The Master grants them a small mercy: he won't kill them, but Darla stakes and kills all three of them.

Buffy and Giles train with weapons in the library. She quickly disarms Giles.

Later at night, Angel returns to Buffy's room and they kiss. He gets too into it and reveals his vampire form. Buffy screams in terror.

Buffy and Willow worry about what to do with Angel; Xander and Giles thinks it's best for her to kill him since he's a vampire.

Cordelia gets angry at a girl wearing the same "unique designer" dress as her.

Darla visits Angel's hideout. She warns him about getting close to Buffy now that the Slayer knows his secret. She encourages him to tell Buffy his secret and past.

Giles finds a reference to Angel in the old Watcher's diaries.

Darla offers to finish off the Slayer to get Angel back into following The Master. Darla visits Buffy's home pretending to be a fellow student at school; she attacks Joyce and bites her. Angel arrives to stop her, but he's tempted by bloodlust and holds onto her boy.

Buffy arrives home to find a wounded Joyce in Angel's arms. Angel flees and Joyce is rushed to the hospital. She forgets Darla being a vampire and attacking her.

Buffy sets out to kill Angel in retaliation. Darla urges Angel to standup and fight since the Slayer will be coming after him to kill him.

At the Bronze, Buffy refuses to kill Angel. Angel refuses to kill Buffy as well.

Darla is revealed to be Angel's sire.

Buffy arms herself with a crossbow, but Darla whips out two handguns and shoots Angel. She shoots at Buffy. Buffy shoots Darla in the stomach; she misses the heart.

Angel stakes and kills Darla with one of the crossbow arrows. The Master is heartbroken over Darla's death.

When The Bronze is reopened, the Scoobies arrive to party. Angel and Buffy dance together to a slow song; they kiss each other. Her cross burns a mark into his chest.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Darla: Do you know what the saddest thing in the world is?
Buffy: Bad hair on top of that outfit?
Darla: To love someone who used to love you.
Buffy: You guys were involved?
Darla: For several generations.
Buffy: Well, you’ve been around since Columbus, you are bound to pile up a few exes. You’re older than him, right? Between us girls, you’re looking a little worn around the eyes.
Darla: I made him.

Buffy: Angel?
Angel: Hmm?
Buffy: Do you snore?
Angel: I don't know. It's been a long time since anybody's been in a position to let me know.