Love Spell - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Xander plans to give Cordelia a silver heart locket for Valentine's Day.

Cordelia's minions try to ignore her when she gets to school. They chastise her for dating Xander and make fun of her.

Xander witnesses Amy performing magic on a teacher. Amy gets a good mark for not handing in an assignment.

Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles awkwardly bump into Jenny Calendar. She wants to talk to Giles, but he rebuffs her and wants to chat with Buffy.

Giles warns Buffy to be careful on Valentine's Day. He worries Angelus will use the day to torment her.

Spike gives Drusilla a necklace for Valentine's Day. Angelus gives her the heart of a shop girl.

Angelus leaves Buffy a bouquet of roses and note of "soon."

Xander girls Cordelia the heart necklace; she loves it. She breaks up with him.

At school the next day, everyone looks at Xander embarrassed. After Harmony makes fun of him, he blackmails Amy into putting a spell on Cordelia. He gets the necklace back from Cordelia for the spell.

The next day at school, Xander tries to get Cordelia but she rebuffs him. The spell seemingly didn't work.

Buffy starts flirting with Xander in the library; he can't believe what is happening. When Amy starts flirting with him too, he realizes the spell has backfired.

Xander finds Willow waiting for him in his bed...wearing only his shirt. She makes her move on him, but he runs away from her.

The Cordettes ignore Cordelia again; the spell has affected them and they're mad she broke up with him.

Jenny Calendar falls under the spell too. Xander comes clean to Giles about the spell; he chastises him for doing something foolish.

Buffy walks into the library and tries to seduce Xander. Xander stops her from going any further. She gets mad, but Amy arrives and the two argue. Buffy hits Amy and Amy turns Buffy into a rat.

Oz punches Xander after the Willow debacle.

Xander saves Cordelia after the Cordettes and other female students start attacking her. They run outside to find Willow with an ax and a group of angry women. Harmony, Willow and the women start fighting each other.

Oz follows rat Buffy into the basement looking for her.

Xander and Cordelia make their way to Buffy's house; Joyce helps them in time. Unfortunately, Joyce has fallen under the spell too. They rush to Buffy's room and Angelus pulls Xander out of the room.

Drusilla, who is also under the spell, stops Angelus from killing Xander. She wants to give Xander immortal life, but the women return and stop her.

Xander and Cordelia lock themselves in the basement.

Amy and Giles reverse the love spell.

Buffy returns back to human form. She needs Oz to bring her clothes.

Everyone under the love spell goes back to normal. They remember what happened the day before and pretend like it never happened.

Cordelia stands up to Harmony and her friends. She decides to date Xander and get into a relationship with him.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Xander: Amy! Good to see you! You're a witch!
Amy: No, I'm not! That was my mom, remember?
Xander: Yeah, I'm thinking it runs in the family. I saw you working that mojo on Miss Beakman. Maybe I should go tell somebody about that?
Amy: What...that's not even...that is so mean!
Xander: Blackmail is such an ugly word.
Amy: I didn't say blackmail.
Xander: Yeah, but I'm about to blackmail you, so I thought I'd bring it up.

Xander: When are you guys gonna stop making fun of me for dating Cordelia?
Buffy: I'm sorry, but never. I just think you could find somebody more...better.
Xander: A parallel universe maybe. Here the only other person I’m interested in is...unavailable.