Held Hostage - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Mayor Wilkins gifts Faith with a blade. He wants her to go to the airport to get a delivery for him.

Buffy feels she's in a rut with Angel.

Buffy gets accepted to Northwestern University. She doesn't want to rush in choosing a school; in actuality, she's stuck in Sunnydale at UC Sunnydale.

Willow got accepted to Oxford, MIT, Harvard, Yale, and a bunch of other schools. Xander is going to backpack after university. Cordelia spites Buffy over not having a future.

Buffy wants to leave Sunnydale to go to Northwestern; Wesley refuses to allow it. She's willing to make the cross-country balance work. Buffy wants to take the fight to Mayor Wilkins and Faith.

Faith kills the delivery man and steals the box for the mayor. The man's hand is handcuffed to the box; she cuts through it with the blade.

The Box of Gavrok is the mysterious item delivered to the mayor. It's hidden with city hall; Buffy got the information from one of the vampires.

To steal the box and destroy it: Buffy will break into city hall, Giles discovered a spell to destroy it, Xander will get the ingredients, and Willow will break the spell to steal the box.

As Xander criticizes Cordelia, she reveals she got into USC, Colarado State, Duke, and Columbia Univerisity.

Oz and Xander start creating the ritual to destroy the box.

The operation to steal the box hits a snag when Angel and Buffy are forced to fight the vampire security guards. They make an escape with the box, but Willow is captured by Faith.

The Scoobies debate whether to trade the Box of Gavrok to Mayor Wilkins or let Willow die to save everyone. Wesley wants to destroy the box while Buffy and Oz force them to trade the box.

Willow uses a spell to float a pencil and stake a vampire. She breaks into the mayor's office and reads the Books of Ascension. Faith finds her; her and the mayor plan to trade Willow for the box.

The Scoobies meet Mayor Wilkins, Faith, and their vampire minions in the Sunnydale High cafeteria to make the trade.

Mayor Wilkins uses his time while talking to Buffy and Angel to reiterate that their relationship is doomed.

Principal Snyder and the police breakup the meeting after the trade has happened. He thinks that they're buying drugs in the Box of Gavrok.

One of the officers opens up the box; a demon devours his face. Another of the creatures escape the box. Buffy crushes one on her back while the other is staked by Faith.

Faith leaves behind her blade in the standoff.

Willow recounts her adventures to Buffy. She stole a page from the Books of Ascension and gave it to Giles. Wesley chastizes Buffy for not succeeding in stopping the mayor.

Willow reveals that she will be going to UC Sunnydale along with Buffy.

Cordelia is revealed to be a sales associate at the clothing store that Xander found her in before.

Buffy tries to reassure Angel that they'll be okay, regardless of what Mayor Wilkins said.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Giles: You actually had your hands on the Books of Ascension?
Willow: Volumes 1 through 5.
Giles: Is there anything that you can remember about them that could be of use to us, anything at all?
Willow: Well, I was in a hurry. Ad, what I did read was kinda involved. If you ask me, way overwritten.
Rupert Giles: Oh.
Willow: Actually, there were a few pages that were kind of interesting, but I didn't have a chance to read them fully.
[Giles looks away]
Willow: [Willow reaches into her pocket and reveals several pages] See what you can make of them?
[Giles takes the papers happily and walks away]

You... All of you. Why couldn't you be dealing drugs like normal people?

Principal Snyder