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Dr. Terrence Robeson, Marissa’s ex college boyfriend,  is being sued for malpractice after he performs an emergency hysterectomy on his patent, Erica, when he can’t stop the bleeding while trying to remove fibroids from her uterus. Erica was having the fibroids removed in order to be able to have children; now she’ll never be able to do that.  

Bull deduces that Robeson probably did save Erica’s life on the operating table, but he’s so arrogant in court that the jury won’t care. 

Robeson’s surgical times are faster than anyone else’s but he claims that’s not because he’s rushing to fit in more patients and make more money, but that he uses a state of the art robotic arm called Atticus. Unfortunately, since none of the doctor’s colleagues like him, they won’t testify in his defense. 

Bull asks Liberty to take over as their defense attorney. 

One of the jurors appears to have been bought off, not by Robeson, but by the company that designed the robotic arm, Atticus. 

A software update caused a small issue with the calibration of the robotic arm. The company patched the defect 18 hours after Erica’s surgery and hid it. Liberty asks the head of the company to use his own hand to show how perfectly Atticus works. When he backs out, she tells the jury about the software patch.

Still there are jury members that don’t like Robeson because he never spoke with Erica after the surgery. Bennie gets Robeson to admit on the stand that he’s a brilliant surgeon but he doesn’t know how to talk to people, including how to comfort someone after surgery. The jury rules in his favor.

Later, Bull offers to represent Erica if she chooses to sue the company that makes the robotic arm. Marissa shares with Erica that she was adopted and that there’s more than one way to have a family. 

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Bull Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

The closest thing we have to god on earth is a surgeon at the top of his game.

Dr. Robeson

Marissa: It is hard not to feel continually judged by you.
Bull: Not judged, observed and you shouldn't feel insulted. I can't help it.