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Kerry Ketchum, the Angel of Sacred Heart. She developed a drug in her own lab that helped save her sister who is a hemophila B. 

Errol Windermere says he owns the patent and she’s infringing on his rights.  The case takes place in Callisto, Texas where juries almost always side with the local lawyers. 

When the team arrives in Callisto, the airport porter loses Chuck’s luggage and the hotel says they have no reservation and no conference room. It’s as though the entire town is out to sabotage them. A tornado warning is called in the middle of voir dire and the judge chooses the final members of the jury. 

Marisa learns that Kerry’s sister was a part of Windermere’s experimental study many years ago, which means that Kerry could have had access to his research and never mentioned it. 

The team can’t use a mirror jury because the judge won’t allow extra people in his courtroom. Bull has his old friend and resident of Callisto, Merrell Deavers work as their lead attorney. The jury likes him, but perhaps not as much as Diana Lindsay, Windermere’s attorney. Her firm sponsors everything from the local bar to the high school football team stadium, and she wins all of her cases.

Turns out Diana and Bull went up against one another in court many years ago. They hooked up over a weekend and when they came back to court on Monday, she won the case and he lost. He eventually figures out that it may be because she sang in church that Sunday morning and he failed to attend. 

All of the team’s research, including Bernie’s laptop and Bull’s notebook, is stolen from the barn they’re forced to work in.  They try to reach Bull but he’s on an impromptu date with Diana. He apparently drank too much and wakes up alone in a field with a cow but without his pants. 

Bull knew they try something like this, and all of his research was meant to send Diana in the wrong direction. Still, they know they don’t have the entire jury on their side. Bull has cable use social media to call a fake tornado warning. While everyone is in the basement, the jurors overhear Kerry and Windermere talking about the formula for the drug and Windermere admits that he never would have come up with it himself. 

Just before closing arguments, Windermere decides to drop the case. Kerry keeps the rights to the drug, which she plans to give away at cost. Bull still wishes it would have been a win but admits that when he lost his first case years ago in Callisto, that’s what reminded him that he couldn’t take the world on alone; that he needed a good team and clients he believed in. 

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Bull Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

A lot of good can come from a deep, personal, downward spiral. From the bottom of a hole it's easy to see the light.


Callisto isn't a who. Callisto is a where, geographically situated in west Texas, population 25,000, but in the legal world it's located somewhere between the sixth and seventh circles of Hell.