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Garrett Tildon is the CEO of HepTex, one of the world’s largest computer cloud services, and he’s refusing to comply with the FBI who wants him to turnover the information from HepTex servers which may lead to who executed a terrorist attack in a hotel in the city. Tilden is J.P. Nunnelly’s client and Bull thinks Tildon should turn over the information, but J.P. reminds him that she doesn’t need his opinion. She needs him to honor his agreement to work three cases for her and this is case is the first.

Tildon and his second in command, Harry Kemp, send the server information to the FBI, but it’s deeply encrypted and they refuse to hand over the code. Bull asks Cable if she can help with the encryption but she refuses to work the case because a friend of hers was injured in the blast. Bull is angry and threatens to fire her. 

Even though they are working for HepTex, Bull has Danny look into their client. Danny follows Harry Kemp who goes to The Foresight Foundry every night. When she can’t get in because of their high end security, she plants a listening device on Harry and learns that he’s a high end gambler. 

Cable has her friend in Germany break the encryption code for the servers and they learn that Harry Kemp was $64 million in debt due to his high-end gambling habit, but made $100 million when he made sure that three people were at a table in that hotel that blew up. 

Cable also learns that Bull failed his bar examine twice. Bull inspires J.P.’s closing argument about why personal privacy is important. Bull visits her apartment and finds it is his idea of the perfect home, including her dog. 



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Bull Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Funny, I don't recall asking for your opinion. I do recall you owing me three cases.


The building shook, the phones kept ringing and the work kept getting done, like nothing happened. It's kind of amazing what we've become.