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Nella Wester of Nella Wester Designs dies of arsenic poisoning. It was infused into her dress. The investigator on the case, Neal Pike, arrests Nella’s assistant, Will for the murder, but Bull think he’s being set up. Nella is Chunk’s former boss and the first person after his football career ended to give him a chance. Chunk is upset that Bull is defending the person accused of killing Nella. 

When the prosecution adds Brent Arloff, Nella’s rival to the witness list, Bull and Marisa head to his party. Arloff is saying that Will asked where he could be his hands on arsenic, while Jean Carlo shares that Nella’s safe was broken into the night after she died, but he doesn’t know what was taken. 

Bull figures out that Nella was working a new line of shoes which could have been worth hundreds of millions of dollars, when she died. The DA has video of Will taking shoes out of Nella’s safe. Chunk is convinced that Will killed Nella and walks off the case. 

Will says that he designed the shoes, not Nella. He says that Nella asked about the arsenic for a special dye she wanted to make, but they decided it was too dangerous and scrapped the idea. 

Turns out Nella’s studio’s clothes are being sold illegally online. It’s a former employee, Delilah. Delilah says that Kira was supposed to wear the wedding dress but walked out, leaving Nella to wear her own gown at the last minute. Will says Kira was sick and won’t let Bull use Kira to prove reasonable doubt. 

Chunk decides to come back to help Bull, not Will. 


Turns out, Nella fired Jean Carlo. He turned around and told Kira that Nella fired her instead, that’s why Kira left. Then he put arsenic on the dress when Nella had to wear it. 

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Bull Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

He knows how much Nella meant to you. He wants to make sure the right person goes down for the crime. Take it from me, you do too.


People are hard wired to gossip, it releases endorphins.