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Brandon Peters, a rich, young man with a rich father is accused of murdering Alyssa Ling. His father hires Dr. Jason Bull and his team to help plan his defense. 

Dr. Jason Bull has 3 PHds in psychology. Marisa, formerly from Homeland Security, runs an algorithm to help read jurors and predict the best strategy to win the case. 

Bull’s team uncovers that Alyssa was a drug dealer, but Peter’s attorney, Clyde Rutledge, is so unlikable, that it almost doesn’t matter to the jury. 

Alyssa sold drugs to Taylor, Brandon’s best friend. Taylor got Alyssa invited to the party where she was later killed, and even loaned her her grandmother’s necklace. Taylor was obsessed with eventually marrying Brandon. She even had wall murals of Brandon in her room. Her mother is equally sure the two will eventually end up together some day.

Clyde questions Taylor on the stand. She admits she was upset when Brandon told her he slept with Alyssa. When Clyde accuses Taylor of killing Alyssa, she throws her clipboard at his face. 

Bull’s team uncovers photos that Brandon took of Taylor using Japanese bondage ropes. When Brandon tells Bull that the photos weren’t sexual, Bull realizes that Brandon is gay. 

Alyssa’s father shoots at Brandon’s father, Peter on the courthouse steps. Peter isn’t seriously injured. Clyde says they should ask for a mistrial but Bull disagrees. Peter and Clyde plan to have Brandon take a deal for 2nd degree murder, without consulting Brandon.

Bull informs Brandon about the deal and convinces him to testify in his own defense. Brandon admits that he slept with Alyssa but didn’t want to do it again. He also says he’s gay and was with someone else that night but won’t say who because he doesn’t want to drag anyone else through this ordeal. 

Bess Johnson, one of the jurors, relates to Brandon because he reminds her of her own son. She manages to steer the jury into a not guilty verdict, just the way Bull predicted she would.

Afterwards, Bull wants to talk to Bess, but instead of him reading her, she reads him as someone who learned to analyze people in order to survive because he grew up in an abusive home. 

Later we see Taylor’s mother with the necklace that Taylor gave Alyssa the night she was killed. The authorities never found the necklace. it looks like the mother killed Alyssa because she saw her as a threat to a future romance between Taylor and Brandon. 

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Bull Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Bull: Rule #1: The client is the enemy.

Marisa: The client's here.
Bull: Tell me he didn't bring his lawyer.
Marisa: His five lawyers.