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Laurel Guthrie, a member of one of TAC’s mock juries, sets off a bomb at the TAC. Then she pulls a 3D plastic gun on everyone. She wants Bull and his team to get her husband Gordon Guthrie, a mild mannered pharmacist, out of jail. He’s serving 15 years for killing a drug dealer for which he pled guilty. She wants Bull to get the DA to open the case. 

Laurel says her husband took the deal because the prosecution said they had an unimpeachable undercover source claiming he pulled the trigger. He was afraid of a longer sentence so he took a plea deal. Laurel says she tried to get the TAC involved but Bull wouldn’t even take her call. Bull convinces her to hand over the gun.

With everyone stuck at TAC until the ESU clears them to leave, Bull pays everyone an extra $1,000 to be the mock jury and try Laurel Guthrie’s case. 

Turns out the witness was Special Agent Danielle James, aka Danny who now works for Bull. Danny was undercover for  months to take down the Vega brothers. The DA offered Gordon Guthrie the plea deal because Danny had missed multiple check ins while undercover and didn’t show up for her drug test. She left the FBI shortly after. 

Bull tears Danny apart on the stand, making her admit that she had taken drugs while undercover. The mock jury finds Gordon Guthrie not guilty. But when Bull asks Danny different questions, where she describes the man who shot Vega, getting every detail right, the jury finds him guilty, and even Laurel must admit that her husband may be guilty.


Later, Bull tells Danny how much he trusts her and is happy that she’s a part of his team. 

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Bull Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

You're going to pull a gun in my courtroom, you're going to point it on me and no one else.


One of these high dollar cases pays for a dozen where the client is in need and deserves our help.