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Essence Airlines Flight 1372 crashes and all the passengers and the co-pilot are killed but the pilot, Captain Taylor Matheson survives. Unfortunately she has a severe concussion and even after recovery she can’t remember what caused the crash.

The flight recorder makes it sound as though she failed to follow protocol during a severe storm and it is assumed that this caused the crash. Bull and his team go through several mock juries who all find her guilty, despite her stellar military career as a pilot. The only time the jury comes back with a not guilty verdict is when they swap out Taylor, a female, and put a man in uniform in her place. 

Capt. Matheson fires her attorney when she realizes he’s more interested in negotiating a settlement for the airline than with defending her. Benny takes over as her attorney. Benny was a prosecutor for the DA’s office. He was fired, but we aren’t told why. 

During mock trial, Bull puts the co-pilot’s wife on the stand and she blows up, accusing Taylor of having an affair with her husband. Taylor swears it’s untrue but Bull can see she’s hiding something. Bull’s team finds that the co-pilot, Ken’s, mistress, Tanya Bryant was on the flight. Another passenger who was posting on social media says that Tanya said she’d just gotten dumped. Video show’s her talking to the co-pilot prior to that statement. 

Taylor doesn’t want the dirt about Ken’s affair to come in court and considers agreeing to a settlement and losing her career. Bull points out that martyrdom is a typical female response to tragedy. Bull has her enter a flight simulator. Turns out that Taylor didn’t follow protocol because if she had, the plane would have crashed in a residential area instead of a the deserted road it crashed on. 

Despite this testimony, the mirror jury still shows that two jury members believe that Taylor panicked and that’s why the flight crashed. Benny is nervous about his closing statement because the last closing argument he made was over a year ago when he was a prosecutor. 

Benny shows the  jury storyboards of kids being bullied. Then the bully ends up with a black eye. He asks the jurors to choose which child stood up to the bully and the majority say it was the boy in the blue shirt. Turns out it was the girl. He says that people have a hard to imagining the girl being the hero of the story but Capt. Taylor Matheson was the hero of this one. 

The jury finds her not guilty.  

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Bull Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Marissa: The NTSB says that 80% of crashes are caused by pilot error.
Bull: It's not exactly a fair fight when the pilots usually aren't around to defend themselves.

If you needed any more convincing that lawyers are overpaid, the firm owns 18 floors of prime New York real estate.