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The jury finds Elliot Miles guilty on two counts of capital murder. 

The FBI is sent the murder victim’s class ring and a card that says, “You got the wrong guy.” They assume it came from the crime scene but instead of thinking it proves Elliot innocent, they believe he has an accomplice. The offer to take the death penalty off the table if Elliot give him up. Elliot again insists he is innocent. 

Bull thinks that the person who sent the ring may be a serial killer who took it as a trophy. The TAC team is town when Bull asked them to not only search for a possible serial killer to prove Elliot innocent, but also mount a defense against the death penalty for the sentencing phase of the trial in less than two days. 

Danny goes to see Molly O’Neil, the neighbor who swore she saw Elliot running from the house. Molly now admits she wears glasses but wasn’t wearing them at the time, and that the man who left the house wasn’t running but had a limp, just like the man Elliot claims sold him the car. 

Chunk must prep Professor Jameson for testifying, the same man who failed him. Jameson ends up taking Chunk’s advice and tells the jury that the killer was obviously a psychopath but that Elliot is not. Later, Prof. Jameson invites Chunk to lecture his class on trial science. 

Benny is held in contempt of court and fined $5,000 after trying to call Molly  O’Neil to the stand during the penalty phase. 

Cable uncovers that a receipt found in the car couldn’t have been the victim’s or Elliot’s. It was for a store where the victim shopped, but it was for cigarettes. The autopsy showed neither of the victim’s smoked, and Elliot can’t because of his disability, so it could belong to the killer. 

The receipt leads to video footage of the killer. Facial recognition software narrows it down to 172 men. The TAC team brings that down to eight, and Bull, using online histories, figures out that out of that eight, Wayne Norton is a psychopath.

Bull goes to Norton’s home and tries to get his wife to turn him in. She looks scared but tells him to leave, so he leaves his card. 

Marissa continues seeing her therapist. Later she leaves a letter in Bull’s desk drawer with her resignation. She loves her job and working with him so much that it’s left no room for anything else in her life and she feel she must move on. Later she goes back and rips up the letter. 

Benny preps Elliot for his testimony to the jury. Elliot wants to tell the jury they are fools and that God will punish them some day, but Benny wants him to plead for mercy. Instead, Elliot insists he didn’t do it. Then Bull walks in and asks for  a recess. Turns out Norton’s wife came to the FBI and brought a box with Wayne’s momentos from his kills. When Wayne was arrested, he confessed. The government makes a motion to set aside the verdict against Elliot Miles. 

Elated, Bull heads outside, where he has to catch his breath. He sits down on the step, then lies down pulls out his phone and calls 911. He says he thinks he’s having a heart attack. 


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Bull Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

You were right, I'm no good alone.


Now here's a crazy thought, the person who sent this to you knows who the real killer is and doesn't want to see an innocent man die for something he didn't do.