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Lex Becker has an appointment with Dr. Donovan Benanti after he’s fired from Harper, Milton, Capital and tells the doctor his life is over and he wants to kill his bosses. Later that day, he shoots and kills the two partner in the firm and then kills himself. The partner’s widows are suing Dr. Benanti for malpractice. 

Benny believes that the case as no merit as a therapist must believe there is a serious and imminent threat from a patient to break confidentiality, including an identified victim, a plan to commit violence, and the means to do so. But the doctor had recommended going to a shooting range as part of Lex’s therapy to channel his aggression, and says he was markedly calmer afterwards.

Turns out Annabelle Harper, the widow of Brady Harper, referred Lex to Dr. Benanti. When Annabelle testifies, Bull realizes that Donovan has feelings for her, but Donovan swears he never did anything inappropriate with Annabelle. 

But when Bull realizes that it was Donovan’s gun, with the serial number filed off, that was used in the murder, he confronts him. Donovan confesses to being in love with Annabelle, but knowing she’d never leave her husband. So when Lex said he wanted the man dead, he took advantage of the situation and steered him to do it, and then kill himself. Donovan gloats that there’s nothing that Bull can do about it because he is a part of the defense team and their conversation is protected by attorney client privilege. 

Dr Donovan Bernanti is found not liable by the jury. Bull goes to Annabelle to ask why she set up her husband, and then realizes that Annabelle had no idea what Donovan was planning. He offers to help her find the truth and get some justice.


Bull has Annabelle call Donovan and ask him to dinner so she can apologize for taking him to court. At the restaurant, Annabelle has an earpiece so she can listen to Bull’s instructions and Chunk and Danny are posing as a couple in the restaurant for her protection. Annabelle follows Bull’s instructions and Donovan eventually confesses. Later the recording is used to arrest him. 

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Bull Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Thoughts and actions are two different things. That's why the professional standard in a case like this is for the psychologist to determine if there is a serious and imminent threat.


Psychologists aren't mind police. Holding them responsible for the actions of their patients after they leave the doctor's office is not only impossible, it's dangerous.