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Kate Martin tries to leave her husband, but when he finds her he stops her and beats her. Later than night, she shoots him in the back in bed and lies there until he bleeds to death. 


Kate claims her husband Brian was a serial cheater who abused her physically and psychologically for years. She’s tried to get away before, but he’s found her and brought her back.  She only went to a medical clinic once and used a different name. She shot him because she’s eight weeks pregnant and needed to stop him from hurting her and the baby.  


Bull believes she was justified and goes so far as to have Benny fight to have the only charge against Kate be murder in the first degree instead of manslaughter. The case reminds Bull of his older sister, who was beaten by her abusive husband and died when he ruptured her spleen. 


Benny is concerned about the case because they have no witnesses to support Kate’s story and little medical evidence. Even Brian’s family had no idea about the abuse.


Danny is able to find one of Brian’s former Teaching Assistants. Two years ago, she overheard Brian verbally abusing and then hitting Kate in his office. Scared, she ran and switched schools and never reported the incident. 


Bull is scared when the jury takes nine days to deliberate. He fears Kate will be sent to prison for the rest of her life and her baby will be put in foster care. He second guesses his decision to take manslaughter out of the equation. But the jury finds Kate not guilty. Later, Bull walks to a Domestic Abuse Shelter that’s being built. The sign says that it is in memory of Jennifer Bull. 


Bull’s ex, also Benny’s sister, Izzy leaves a message for Jason to get back to her. He leaves three messages but she never calls him back. 


Professor Jameson fails Chunk, who thinks that Jameson is prejudiced against him, perhaps because he is biased against trial science. 

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Bull Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Mark Burns: You're out of your mind.
Bull: And you're out of your depth.

It is horrible, it's also daunting from a legal perspective. How do you prove that shooting someone while they slept is in fact self defense?