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Rebecca Lexington is arrested and accused of killing her husband, Jeremy Lexington, and making it look like a home invasion. She claims she was in the city with her daughter at the time of the murder. Her defense attorney hires TAC to help because comes from a political family and no one likes her. 

Turns out Rebecca wasn’t in the city. She was at a divorce attorney’s office. Her husband had gambled all of their money away, including their daughter’s tuition. But six months ago he took out a life insurance policy for $25 million with Rebecca as the beneficiary. 

Kendall Tyler, a biographer who’s written about the Lexington family for years gives Bull a website to check out in hopes of gaining exclusive access to the trial. The website leads Cable to proof that Jeremy hired a hitman to kill him so that Rebecca could collect the $25 million. 

When they tell Rebecca, he doesn’t want them to use the information in court because even if she is convicted of murder, her daughter, Olivia, can still collect the $25 million, but Olivia convinces her mother otherwise. When the truth comes out in court, Rebecca is found not guilty. 


Chunk thinks one of his professors is prejudiced against him when he gives him nothing but C grades on his papers. When he confronts the professor he learns that it’s because Chunk works for TAC and the professor thinks that trial scientists are nothing but charlatans. He tells Chunk to drop his class, but Chunk refuses to do that. 

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Bull Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

No matter what your prejudices might be, no matter how much you might dislike tall, good looking, impeccably dressed men, that’s an A.


Oh, please. Can we at least be honest with each other? Those who have had the misfortune of dealing with Mrs. Lexington have nothing nice to say.