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Lacey Adams is a teacher who changes one answer on a standardized test to help an underprivileged student, Tyler Young, whose scholarship is riding on his score. Lacey catches five other teachers who change the scores of 800 tests. When they are caught, Lacey is the only one charged because she confesses. 

The mayor asks for Bull’s help on the case and he encourages Lacey to forgo a deal, despite her attorney, Gwen Kinsey’s, recommendation, to take the case to trial. At trial, Gwen wants to argue that standardized tests are unfair and there for Lacey was put in a situation where she had no choice but to cheat to help her student. Bull wants to argue hat Lacey simply did the wrong thing for the right reason. 

When Gwen proves that Lacey’s one changed test doesn’t fit the pattern of the changes on the other 800 tests, the DA offers Lacey a deal. They will drop the charges, reinstate her teaching credentials, and make sure Tyler is accepted to college, if she’s testify against the other teachers. 

Lacey refuses to testify against the other teachers and goes to trial. Gwen withdraws from the case because she feels this has turned into a suicide mission. Benny takes over, and although he makes an impassioned closing argument, the fact that Lacey admits to changing the test answer has the jury bringing back a guilty verdict.

Lacey, Bull and the TAC team are devastated. The judge sentences Lacey to probation and no jail time but she loses her teachers credentials. Bull asks the mayor’s chief of staff to help, but he says that the mayor asked Bull to take the case because Lacey’s father is a big donor to her political party. He says that there’s a job at a private school waiting for Lacey. Then Bull strong arms the mayor into helping Tyler Young get into a city college. 


Marisa catches Kyle going through her personal files in the middle of the night. Kyle says he’s just looking out for her because he’s a money guy. He’s worried because she has less than $100K in her retirement. He says he’s willing to invest her money in his new building project and she’s get $350K in 18 months. Marisa kicks him out, but later feels badly and goes to apologize. 

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Bull Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

There are far more teachers who vote in elections than district attorneys.


What is it about what we do that makes it so hard to trust people?