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Zack Burnam, the son of Allison, Bull’s first girlfriend, asks Bull to help on a case against Warwick Furniture Manufacturing. Warwick is leaching chemicals into the town’s water supply they believe have caused many residents to become seriously ill, including Alison who has kidney cancer. 

When Bull sees how sick Alison is, he decides to take Warwick to court. Allison wants to testify in court but Bull tells her she can’t because the attorneys will say she lied on her insurance forms. She said her family had no history of cancer but her great-grandfather died of lung cancer in the 1930s.

Instead they put Bryan McCannon on the stand who talks about his illness and seizures, but the defense shows that Bryan’s physician is an old friend and the two of them falsified records so that Bryan could be a part of this lawsuit. 

Bull asks Allison to take the stand and testify. She says she doesn’t hate Warwick Furniture because they’ve been a part of her life and the town for decades, but she was extremely disappointed when people started getting sick and they refused to help do anything, including lay new pipes to get clean drinking water. 

Warwick Furniture decides to settle the case for 20 times what they originally offered. Bull and Allison enjoy a fun, romantic afternoon in her bedroom with the music up loud, much to her son’s chagrin. 




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Bull Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Marissa: Were you drinking last night?
Bull: Was it a day that ends in Y?

Plantiff: I have cancer, Dr. Bull. At the least I'm owed is an apology for what they've done to me.
Bull: I hear you and I agree, but that's never going to happen. Let me be clear, in a civil case the only good that can come is financial. No one is going to say they're sorry. No one from Warwick Furniture Manufacturing is going to jail, and no one can take away your cancer. All you can hope to win is money and that's what’s on the table.