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Fanny gets news from her attorney.

Hubbell has left his entire estate to Michelle, but with provisions that Fanny stay as long as she want.

Fanny does not take the news well.

Boo has a crush on Melanie's brother Charlie.

Ginny's mom Claire visits Michelle and scares her with news of her new real estate.

Michelle discovers Hubbell had a classic Mustang he rebuilt from scratch.

Sasha embarrasses Boo in front of Charlie.

Michelle gets arrested for barely driving onto an unmarked private road.

When Boo stands up for Sasha, Sasha turns on Boo again.

Michelle meets Grant, the mysterious wealthy Paradise recluse at the end of the private road.

The bunheads win the ugliest feet contest for the first time.

Michelle finds a guest house on the property that she wants to move into.



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Bunheads Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Michelle: I have a lake?
Claire: You have one lake and two swampy ponds. Plus geese, which means goose poop.

Michelle: You're so exhausting!
Fanny: We old people usually are.