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Sasha and Fanny's issues cause casting problems.

Sasha seems taken with the life of cheerleading.

Fanny is working the bunheads to death trying to replace Sasha.

Michelle reaches out to an old friend only to realize he may not have been a friend at all.

Michelle tries to get Paradise to accept a new grocery store in town.

Ginny is falling for Charlie

Melanie won't let Ginny fall for Charlie.

Boo kisses Carl.

Boo gets upset that Ginny likes Charlie, and Carl gets caught in the crossfire.



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Bunheads Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Fanny: And you realize that's how every great performer made it, by waiting quietly.
Michelle: Oh you know what I mean.
Fanny: I'm sure when Brad Pitt was starting out he just sat at home, waiting for people to find him.

Oh please, vibrate still makes that annoying buzzing sound everyone hears even though we're supposed to pretend we can't hear it.