Now a Couple - Burden of Truth
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One year after Burden of Truth Season 2 Episode 8, Joanna Chang and Billy Crawford are living together and running their own law firm known as Crawford and Chang. They lose a case in which their Muslin client's relative died due to the negligence and possible prejudice of her boss.

The firm is having money troubles, which Billy makes seem less severe than they are to Joanna. Meanwhile, Joanna hides from Billy the fact that she might be pregnant.

Luna and Taylor are now roommates and work together volunteering at Bear Clan Patrol, a patrol meant to support and protect the aboriginal community by providing personal security. Taylor reacts badly when she learns that one of the men harassing aboriginal women is someone she knows.

Luna also starts up a job at Joanna and Billy's firm and is shamed for the nepotism that got her the job.

Owen and Diane are upset to learn that Sam Mercer is out on parole for good behaviour. 

Joanna and Billy attend a high school reunion in Millwood. She reconnects with her old friend Kodie and ends up offering to represent her when Kodie's children are taken by the police due to supposed parent neglect.


Burden of Truth
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Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Juries like blue. Brings out your eyes


Joanna: We want the jury to think this could happen to them.
Billy: Play on their fear.
Joanna: But not too hard or we'll lose them. Stay likable.
Billy: I am likable.
Joanna: Jury's still out, Crawford.
Billy: I'm more likable than you.
Joanna: Well, that is a very low bar.