Joanna, Billy, and Mr. Crawford - Burden of Truth
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In an effort to prove Marlene unfit, Joanna and Billy investigate an anonymous nieghbor who turns out to be Billy's Dad, Hank Crawford.

Joanna and Billy learn that Marlene has been posing as a social worker; she paid Hank to call Millwood Family Services on Kodie. They want him to sign an affidavit; he will only talk to Billy.

Hank takes Billy to bet on the ponies. He keeps stalling and drinking. They get into a physical altercation and get arrested.

Luna picks Kodie up at a bus station to drive her to get a drug test to prove she is clean.

Kodie demands that Luna make a pitstop on the way to the drug testing and threatens to jump out of the car if Luna won't take her. They go to the reservation and get a "piece of home," for Kodie.

Luna has a PTSD moment at the jail.

Taylor spies on Jeff Mitchell, the "family friend," from Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 1, who was harassing sex workers.. She sees him meet up with Mercer and give him a package and she records it on her phone. He catches and threatens her.

Joanna finds a picture of Kodie's kids with Marlene in their room. Joanna learns that Marlene wrote a check to buy custody of her grandaughter. The court rules that Marlene is unfit but tgives the state custody of the kids.

Kodie and Joanna fight about the fact that they don't really know each other and Kodie won't trust Joanna.

Joanna's ex calls her with a job offer. He wants her and Billy to be council for his hedgefund.

Joanna's pregnancy test is negative.

The kids are taken from school before the foster family can pick them up; police suspect child parent abduction.



Burden of Truth
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Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Mr. Crawford: Those kids ran roughshod all over my property and how old's their oldest?
Joanna: Twelve.
Mr. Crawford: Only a Chartrand would leave a twelve-year-old to babysit alone all day.
Billy: You ever hear of Wendy? Billy? Shane?

Luna: I'm Luna.
Kodie: So what, you're like, my babysitter for the day?
Luna: Think of me more like your chauffeur.
Kodie: Are you the one who went to jail? (Luna nods) Must be tougher than you look. Have to be to work for Joanna.
Luna: What does that mean?
Kodie: Don't get me wrong, I love her, but even back in grade school that girl was wicked competitive.
Luna: And that's what makes her a great lawyer.