Blindsided - Burden of Truth
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Joanna goes increasingly frustrated with the cop that arrested her because he doesn't tell her the charges for several minutes, but he expects her to know why she's being detained.

Billy springs into action by calling Owen and Luna. He's desperate and asks Luna to get Nevin Page to defend Joanna.

After Nevin Page arrives, they learn Joanna is charged with a security fraud charge and could face up to 14 years in prison. Someone also made it look like Joanna was going to run by ordering family plane tickets to the Maldives.

This was used so that judge wouldn't grant bail. Luna finds evidence to help, but Joanna almost made things worse by lecturing the judge.

Owen catches Kip stealing his laptop. He learns the teen needed the money to give to his "uncle" to buy back his dad's watch. It's the only keepsake he has of his dad's.

Soon, we learn that the fraud case is connected to an old case Joanna worked on in Toronto at CTS. Joanna believes Elise is behind this and is determined to make her pay.

When she confronts her, she sees a "Congratulations on Your New Baby," card on Elise's desk and forgot they were both new moms. Elise says the new adoption isn't final for a few weeks, giving Joanna the idea to stop it as revenge.

Owen pays Kip's uncle for the watch and to stay away from Kip.

Both Billy and Nevin are concerned that Joanna playing this dirty could hurt her case. Billy is also worried Joanna is suffering from PTSD anxiety and could go too far and become someone they don't recognize.

The cliffhanger reveals that Joanna actually did know about the fraud from a memo she wrote years ago.

Burden of Truth
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Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

I am not here by my own volition. I was sitting in my house with my family of my own volition. I am sitting here now because you raided my house in the middle of the night and ripped me away from my 5-month-old daughter.


I knew you wouldn't leave me in here, so I hope you know I'm not going to leave you in here either.