Working Quickly - Burden of Truth
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During Episode 4, the crown has gathered more evidence, and the case against Joanna is mounting. Nevin tries to get Joanna to take the plea deal they offered. Joanna won't serve any jail time, but she'll pay a fine.

Joanna refuses because it'll be the end of her legal career. Nevin reminds her if it goes to trial she won't see her daughter for years.

Joanna and Billy gather the team to search through internal emails to find anything that will create reasonable doubt. Joanna falls apart reading all these letters from her dad, even though it appears she was forced to write a fraudulent letter.

Taylor and her partner Thorpe return to the Canola Palm Motel with a search warrant. They go to room 9 and see that it looks like it was never occupied. Taylor believes that someone tipped them off, and she goes through the guest registry and receipts but finds nothing.

The hotel clerk told her nothing, even when Taylor threatened her with jail time.

Hank showed up with photos of the truck he suspected hit Helen. It looked like an Oro North truck but didn't have a logo. He offered to get more footage, and Joanna was so grateful. She sent Billy with him. They find the footage and give it to Owen.

Kip stole Owen's struck to spy on Hacher and catch him in the act. He gives the photos to Owen.

Joanna and Owen travel to North Falls to find paperwork to help the case. They find a letter of intent, which makes the case unclear since Joanna didn't have the intent to commit fraud. Luna is angry her sister didn't take the plea.

Nevin gets the judge to dismiss the charges but she wants Joanna to appear before the disciplinary board.

Burden of Truth
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Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Joanna: I can't take that deal!
Nevin: Joanna, it's a gift. Be realistic.
Joanna: I'll have a criminal record.
Nevin: But you'll be at your daughter's first birthday.

If she said, she didn't do it, she didn't do it.