Joanna Learns Her Fate - Burden of Truth
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Taylor had to arrest her dad for drunk driving. At the station, he tries to make amends, but she's not interested. She's angry that no matter how much trouble he gets into, he only gets a slap on the wrist.

Luna and Joanna use the time Joanna has left to find a way to sue Tillman, the mine's owner for exploitation of women and trafficking. Dee identifies him.

He swears he knew nothing about it, but agrees to a settlement if there is a confidentiality clause. That makes Dee feel like he's getting away with it and she turns the settlement down.

Helen wakes up, and Samatha calls Joanna.

After Kip and Owen have a fight, Diane tells Owen to be real with him. Owen apologizes for trying to take Kip's dad's place.

Nevin Page offers Luna a job again. She approaches the ancestors for guidance. She and Stevie also discuss their priorities.

At Joanna's disciplinary hearing, they questioned her character, while Billy argued those things were done to please her controlling father. The board finds that Joanna didn't act in good faith when she signed the opinion letter, but she's done well in Millwood.

They suspend her license for one year.

With Luna's help in preparing emancipation papers, Owen and Diane present Kip with another option. He can legally be an adult and stay with them as friends, but Diane wants him to go back to school.

Joanna tells Billy how much she appreciates him for standing by her, and vows to always stand by him. In essence, she proposes to him.

We see an epilogue where Stevie has joined Crawford Chang,  and Luna has joined Nevin Page's firm. Owen, Diane, and Kip seem happy, and so do Billy, Joanna, and Cassidy.

Burden of Truth
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Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Owen: I think the world of you of you. That’s the problem. You can do anything. You’re smart and now you’re throwing it all away. I think you’re making a huge mistake. You’re on your own now, son.
Kip: I’m not your son.

You want to quit, fine. But we’re supposed to be partners in work and if life. You don’t make a life decision like that on your own.