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This week’s episode opened with Jesse and Sam heading out of the country for three days try and steal “the list”, that being the list of names of the people who burned Michael. While Michael was on the sidelines for that job, he ended up helping his brother.

Nate Westen came into town to help some friends of his, the Taylor brothers who owned an auto-body shop and had been robbed. When Nate and Michael went to the shop they found out that the issue was worse than they thought when one of the cars had 20 kilios of heroine in the trunk.

Michael resumed a former identity of a high-end car thief known as smooth-talking Johnny and began looking for the stolen car. He immediately met Hector Rivera and his head thug Caleb. Hector told Michael he had 24 hours to find his car or the Taylor brothers would die. He also required that Caleb go with him.

Michael found out that a man named Buck Wild had the car and when breaking into his house to talk to him Caleb ran straight back to the last room in the house and ended up shooting Buck. When Michael and Fiona saw that Buck’s gun was still on safety they realized that Caleb had paid Buck to steal the cars and the heroine and was trying to frame the Taylor brothers.

With some creative help from Nate, Michael was able to lead Hector to his car at Caleb’s place where Hector put it all together and told Michael (as Johnny) to take the Taylor’s and leave. The Taylor’s paid Nate and Nate offered Michael half. Michael turned it down and told him to keep it for the baby. Nate smiled and apologized for not telling him sooner that he and Ruth were expecting.

Michael and Fiona then joined Jesse and Sam to steal the list. With the precision of a well oiled machine they were able to steal the thumb-drive with list on it. Back at Michael’s Sam, Fiona, and Jesse debated on what to do with the list. Michael was deep in thought. When asked to chime in, Michael just stared off still thinking about what he wanted to do with the list.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Hector: You don't make a move unless Caleb is there to see it.
Michael: the cheerleader can come, bring your pom poms.

Madeline: What the hell is going on here?
Nate: I am helping a friend find a car Ma.
Madeline: And you have to dress like a funeral director?