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This week’s episode opened with Fiona, Sam, and Michael discussing the bible that Jesse and Michael stole from the bank last week.  The Bible belongs to Simon the psychopath that Michael caught during the season finale last year.

Michael asked Vaughn to arrange a meeting between him and Simon, but Vaughn said no. Michael sent Vaughn away in the middle of hurricane afterwards. The day after hurricane left Michael was recruited by two FBI agents to help find a witness who went on the run after the safe house they were in was attacked by a hitman.

Michael found the hitman that attacked the two FBI agents was named Cole. Sam and Michael found his apartment and while trying to sneak through the apartment, found that Cole was hiding in the closet just as he was disarming a booby trap. Cole thought Michael was another hitman named Matt Reese. Michael let him believe that he was Matt and they were both trying to kill the same person.  Vaughn showed up at Fiona’s to talk about Jesse. Vaughn offered to reinstate Jesse and give him his life back if Fiona would bring him the bible.

Michael convinced Cole to steal an emergency vehicle to blend in better and not get stopped. This allowed Michael to use the radio to talk to Sam and get more details. Michael continued to pretend to be Matt and helped Cole find the house that the witness was hiding in. Just as they found the house the real Matt Reese attempted to kill them both and blew Michael’s cover.

Michael escaped and headed towards the house they found. Cole followed Michael into the house and Reese followed both of them to the house and setup outside. Michael convinced Cole that he really doesn’t want be a hitman, that he really is a decent person and the two of them worked together to beat Reese and save the witness.

Fiona told Michael about Vaughn’s visit and gave him the bible. She told him what Vaughn wanted and Michael went to see Vaughn. With some convincing from the two FBI agents that Michael helped Vaughn agreed to setup a meeting with Simon.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

I thought the calm in here was just the calm before the storm. No, it's a disturbance in the force.


So your search for the root of all evil led you to rob a bank and you were rewarded with the word of god. What is that irony?