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This week's episode opens where we left off two weeks ago with Michael and Jesse interrogating Kendra about whom she worked for. This resulted in Jesse and Sam working on Kendra while Michael and Fiona took a job for a high-end item knockoff artist named Buddy who believed his last client was trying to kill him.

Sam and Jesse continued to whittle down Kendra and get little bits of information. Michael and Fiona went to the address Buddy had gotten for his last client and it turned out to be a warehouse that blew up just as they got there.  Michael was able to get inside after the fire was out and get some evidence of what the Client was up too.

Fiona and Michael determined that Buddy’s client is trying to steal Alexander’s the great sword. Fiona and Michael found the only time that the sword could be stolen was during a public viewing and setup a trap for the thief. However, things did not go as planned as the person they thought they were baiting into the trap was killed before the sword was to be stolen. After much confusion at the public viewing and a few explosions Fiona and Michael figured out that the real thief had been the owner of the sword’s executive assistant and as she had known their plan all along, she changed the plans late minute.

Meanwhile Jesse continued to work Kendra to try and find out who hired her. Eventually Sam and Jesse made it look like the person who paid her had taken the money back and robbed her. This kicked off a revenge need in Kendra and she gave Jesse what information she had about three guys who botched a robbery she was had come to kill.

Michael determined that if they could figure out what they guys were supposed to steal, maybe they could figure out who they were stealing it for.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Less talking, more stealing.


Sure you don't want to tag team this one? I am great at getting what I want from firemen.