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This week episode starts with Michael meeting with Vaughn (he is with the agency that burned Michael) and convinced him to let him handle the issue Jesse personally. After some creative wire tapping of phones, Michael and Sam find that Jesse had a meeting with a contact at the beach. The meeting turned out to be a setup and with some unseen help from Michael (and friends) Jesse got away. While the Michael, Fiona and Sam regrouped to figure out where Jesse might have gone, Jesse turned up at Michael’s place asking for help.

Jesse asked Michael to help him with an old enemy name Khan. Khan thinks that Jesse stole two million dollars from him. Michael and Fiona come up with the plan to set Khan up as a arms dealer to get him arrested and out of the picture. With Jesse’s help Michael convinces Khan that they were both after Jesse and should work together.

Michael’s plan of getting Khan to buy guns and then getting him caught with them worked like a charm and Khan was arrested. However, Khan called in a old favor from the DEA office and got out of jail and found Jesse. Believing that Michael was still hunting Jesse, Khan called him and ask him to come over and help break him.

Michael, Same and Fiona quickly came up with a plan to pin the money missing on Khan’s second in command Lee so that Khan would let Michael take Jesse per their agreement. Michael uses an obituary as a fake relative of Jesse’s to pass him the information and Khan and Lee end up shooting each other while Michael and Jesse leave. 

With Jesse safe he needed a place to stay for awhile and Fiona arranged for him to stay in Madeline’s newly available garage apartment. Michael visits Jesse and offers to help him with being burned. Jesse explained that he was going to get back in, and then find who burned him and kill them.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Michael: I thought you wanted to rent the garage to someone nice who owned a cat?
Madeline: "Nice is overrated, and besides, I forgot how much I hate cats.

Jesse: Before I let you in on this I need to tell you something. I am seeing this through. The old bosses will let me back in one day, and then I am going to find who burned me and kill them. Are you good with that?
Michael: Yeah, I am good with that.