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This week’s episode opened with Michael breaking into John Barrett’s rented security compound to talk to him and setup a meeting to give him the bible. Afterwards as Fiona, Sam, and Michael discussed how they were going to grab Barrett a man walked up and says that he worked for Adam Scott a defense attorney. Sam points out that Scott is the defense attorney for half of the scumbags in Miami. The man explains that Adam’s five year old daughter was kidnapped. Michael agreed to meet with Scott.

Scott explained to Michael that a client he is defending is about to lose and the clients brother Dale Lawson grabbed his daughter as insurance that his brother goes free. Michael had Scott arrange a meeting so he could meet Lawson.

Michael and Scott met Lawson; afterwards Michael had Fiona and Sam follow the guy that Lawson had tail him to Lawson’s headquarters where they put trackers on all the cars. Sam figured out from the car travel patterns where Scott’s daughter was. Michael attempted to go in a rescue her but was caught by Lawson. Lawson said keeping his brother out of jail was the only way she survived. Michael said that if it was keeping his brother out of jail and not just a “not guilty” verdict he needed that he could help get his brother out of jail and Lawson agreed.

Michael setup a switch up game where He and Lawson followed the prison transport from the jail towards the courthouse but when it passed out of sight a fake prison van jumped on the route. Fiona and Sam hit the fake truck and made it appear they got Lawson’s brother. Michael, Fiona, and Sam made the trade for the daughter and Lawson screamed he would get revenge when they got away.

Jesse did finally meet with Michael and told him he was on his own for the meeting with Barrett. Michael met Barrett at the agreed on location with Fiona and Sam hiding with a plan to separate Barrett from his men. Vaugh and his men arrived and blew that plan out of the water and as Barrett’s men tried to take Michael, a bullet went through Michael killing the man holding him. Barrett took Michael and bible and escaped in his car. As they were driving away Michael caused the vehicle to swerve and flip. He survived but Barrett was dead.

After climbing from the wreckage, Michael laid on the ground about to pass out, someone walked over and took the case with the bible in it.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Just hear her out Jesse, I have been baking in the sun for an hour, I'm tired, I am out of cigarettes and I am not going to be hauling my ass all over Miami to look for you anymore.


Barrett: Our future together?
Michael: Yeah, I was thinking you could hire me on, you could reaaaally use some new staff.