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This week’s episode opened with Michael getting ready for his face to face with Simon. Michael went to see Simon. Simon promptly broke his handcuffs and tackled Michael out a window and passed him a message before the guards could arrive.

While discussing the message Simon gave him, Sam explained to Michael that he had a friend in prison that was in trouble. When Sam went to visit his friend, he found out he is wanted dead by a jail gangster because he is getting out in a week. Michael told Sam he would go into prison and protect his friend for that week.

Michael had his FBI contacts that owed him a favor check him into prison for the week to watch Sam’s friend Juan. The gangster that wanted Juan dead turned out to be better connected than expected and Michael decided that He and Juan needed to break out of jail. Fiona with Madeline’s help recovered Simon’s stash and defused the booby trap he had on it.

The gangster started a riot to get to Michael and Juan. Michael and Juan got away but Juan’s leg was hurt so they could not follow the escape plan. Michael decided to give the gangster an early release and knocked him out and sent him instead. The cops quickly picked him up after Michael tipped his contacts at the FBI. Juan got out safely and returned to his family.

Fiona, Michael, and Sam opened Simon’s chest that Fiona had recovered and Michael listed to the tap that Simon had asked him too. On the tape he heard Vaughn talking to Simon about Michael. Vaughn had said he didn’t know anything about Michael before he was burned, this taped showed that to be a lie.

Michael went back to talk to Simon where Simon explained that he wanted to take Vaughn down but would not be able to and asked Michael to do it. He also told Michael who had been after the bible that Michael stole and Michael relayed that small part to Vaughn but did not tip his hand that he knew Vaughn was involved with him being burned.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Michael: I found your bible.
Simon: I hope you found comfort in the Lord.

I don't care of if you cut out his kidney with a pocket knife or give him a gallon of orange sherbet. One way or the other, we want answers.