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This week we started with Jesse bringing Michael, Sam, and Fiona up to speed on who he is looking for. This information brought the trio quartet to the docks where Jesse rescued a dock security guard from a couple of thugs. It turned out the security guard (and the docks) were having trouble with a mobster. Jesse volunteered the team to help out the security guard in exchange the guard helped him out with some much needed paperwork to help find who burned Jesse.

The team first decided to bring the mobster down by making him think the FBI is on to him. Unfortunately for the team the mobster had an FBI connection and blows Michael’s cover. They then decided to go with a new plan where they got the mobster to personally get involved and then have him get caught in the act. Sam went undercover as a hitman who was suppose to kill and cut up the mobster.  But, the mobster offered to split a huge score with him if Sam would help him.

Back at Madeline’s house she continues to try and learn more about Jesse. Jesse made a comment to Michael about how she could give some of his old colleagues a run for their money.  As Jesse was leaving to help Sam with the mobster he breaks down and told Madeline who he was.

Later, Sam and Jesse (posed as Sam’s right hand man) planned a job that the mobster can get caught in. Everything went as planned except that the mobster decided to be noble and returned for Sam at the last minute botching the whole plan. This caused the team to go with “Plan C” which involved the mobster going after the next person above him with Sam’s help.  This plan ended with the mobster being alone with the man above him and a shoot-out. The mobster ended up in jail and the man above was killed.  While not the ideal solution to the security guard’s issue, it did result in the problem being solved. 

Madeline confronted Michael about what Jesse told her. She had worked out that Michael was involved in Jessing being burned. She promised not to let his secret out, but she does warn that secrets and lies get out. She leaves Michael standing there looking dumb struck.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Hank (Security Guard): So you're going to help me?
Michael: Apparently.

Michael: Jesse is investigating the same people we are. They nearly killed everyone at this table. I say we hear him out.
Fiona: Sure, get a guy fired, ruin his life. I'd say you owe him a Mojito and a friendly shoulder to cry on at the very least.