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This week we Michael attempted to get the information of the tape drive that He and Jesse recovered. As Michael and Fiona left the only place they found that could access the older tape drive, they noticed Kendra the woman who was the nosy neighbor and who had hidden the tape drive following them.  After attempting to lead her into a trap, Kendra got away but left a phone for Michael so she could setup a meeting for the tape drive.

Meanwhile, Madeline and Jesse talked Michael into helping an old friend of Madeline who was having an issue with drug dealers selling drugs outside the clinic she worked out. Sam and Fiona found that the drug dealers are working for a drug lord named Cutler.  Michael learned that Cutler had made a deal with the Mexican cartel and had to sell his drugs quickly.

Kendra continued to play cat and mouse, she showed up at the meeting Michael setup only to keep her distance and said she would pick the place next time. Michael and Jesse attempted to find where Cutler kept his stash by offering him some prescription strength drugs and had Jesse tailed the car that was taking the drugs to the stash location. However, Jesse was cut off while following the SUV and had to make a fast get away.

Michael finally decided the best way to get rid of Cutler was the way you get rid of any bully. By having the person that is being picked on stand up to him. Michael, Jesse, and Fiona made it appear as if the owner of the clinic was ex-black-ops agent and that he would kill Cutler if he didn’t leave. That motivated Cutler and his crew to leave for good.
Finally, Michael and Kendra met again at an abandon shipyard where she tried to stab him instead of paying him for the tape drive. However, Michael managed to get the upper hand and knocked her out and took her captive to question her.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Fiona: Someone is getting a little flirty for his own good.
Michael: Fi, I am trying to snatch Kendra off the street and tie her to a chair.
Fiona: You're not helping your cause.
Michael: This is just a harmless case of cat and mouse between me and a professional killer.

Sam: Thought I would introduce myself to the head honcho.
Fiona: How did that go?
Sam: Worst surveillance ever.