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This week’s episode opened with Jesse, Fiona, and Michael at the beach. Jesse had a lead on his old boss and he wanted Michael to lean on him a little to get him to help them with their investigation. As expected, Jesse’s old boss said no when Michael asked for help. As he walked away Fiona and Michael noticed a Russian hit squad in the hotel and they decided to find out who they were there to kill.

With some quick work Fiona, Jesse, and Michael found out that the Russians were there to capture, interrogate, and kill a retired spy named Paul Anderson. The team found Paul and kept him away from the Russians. They also devised a plan to get Paul back under the protection of the US Government.

The plan called for Michael, Paul, and Sam to confront a Congressman that Paul has some dirt on to get him to help get Paul protection. While confronting the Congressman the Russian hit team showed up and Michael defeated them and traded letting the Congressman take the credit for it in exchange for his helping protect Paul.

With Fiona’s help Jesse finally got face to face with his old boss and begged him for his help in finding the bank that he and Michael found out was supposed to have been robbed but failed.  His ex-boss agreed to help him this once but never to see him again. He provided the information to Fiona as agreed; he also provided information that could lead to who burned him.

Fiona destroyed the extra information but, afterwards told Michael she did not like who he was turning into.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Sam: Listen Old-timer, you're just going to have to accept our help.
Paul: Ok, but if you call me old-timer again, you will be wearing your ass around your head like a hat.

This was my idea. I should have gotten to hit him!