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This week’s episode opened with Jesse and Mike getting Madeline to help them check the security response of the bank that they believe had information on the investigation Jesse was working on.

Fiona and Sam took a job as security for a man named Christian who was going to be showing off his new battery at a party. Before the party could start masked gunmen broke in and kidnapped his wife Sarah and Fiona.

The kidnappers contacted Christian and explained they wanted twenty million dollars for the two women.

Fiona working with Sarah came up with a plan to escape. However, Christian decided to pay early and Fiona went from having twenty hours to get them free to about one hour.

Sarah is taken away from Fiona, which left her to work on escaping from the kidnappers on her own. Fiona managed to send up a smoke signal that Mike and Sam could see and found the house Fiona was at.
Mike left Sam at the house and headed to the drop point to try and save Sarah.

Jesse finally got Christian to tell him where the drop took place. Fiona managed to not only break free but, took the head kidnapper hostage and sent pictures of it to Mike. Mike used the photos of the kidnapper now as a hostage to free Sarah without anyone getting killed.

Jesse and Mike broke into the bank that Madeline helped them investigate and took one item from a safety deposit box. The item turned out to be a bible that someone was using as a cipher and the top page said it belonged to Simon.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Chuck: Charles Finlay had a shotgun wedding for the sake of his cover. That's Charlotte, the ol' ball-n-chain.

Fiona: Call me that again and we will have a shotgun divorce.

Some get-away drivers you turned out to be.