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The episode opened with Michael and Madeline at his father’s grave paying respects. Afterwards Fiona tells Michael that they got a lead on where Anson has been sending his money. With some quick work they managed to get in and take a look around finding a file that was recently update but listed Vaughn in it.

Michael asked Pearce to use her influence and get Vaughn transferred to Miami so he could talk to him. Pearce reluctantly agreed. Michael met with Vaughn and made a deal to get some information about the file they found at the law firm.

Jesse met with a friend Ian who was working for the State Department and was getting ready to leave the office and wanted to stop the dirty diplomat who was using his diplomatic immunity to smuggle diamonds from overseas and was killing people in the process.

After the first plan to steal the documents failed, Ian confessed to Michael and Jesse that he was dying and that if he could force the diplomat to kill him, they would revoke his immunity and it would stop him. Jesse and Michael resist at first, but finally give in.

Michael and Jesse arranged it so that it looked like Ian shot Jesse and forced the diplomat to chase him outside where he finally shot Ian, as Ian lay dying the police arrived catching the diplomat red-handed, fulfilling the plan to stop the diplomat.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Fiona: What does Anson want with a man in prison for life?
Michael: We find that out, we finally get one step ahead of Anson.

Madeline: You have a job to do; you have to stop Anson from ruining any more lives.
Michael: Not sure I know how to do that.
Madeline: Figure it out.