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The episode opened with Michael getting a visit form Madeline who told him that a childhood friend Andre had been killed. After helping Fiona set a bug on Anson’s car Michael went to his friend’s brother named Ricky to see if he can help.

Rick said he knew who killed his brother, a guy named Dion; Michael worked with Jesse and Ricky to help bring Dion down for Ricky. Sam and Fiona found a condo complex where Anson was going back too during the day.

After some research Sam and Fiona figured out which house he was in and searched it top to bottom and found nothing. After Ricky started to take things into his own hands and built a bomb to blow up Dion, Michael used it again Dion and make it look like he had tried to blow up other gangsters.

For his own safety, Dion turned himself in and admitted to killing Ricky’s brother. Fiona and Sam finally figured out Anson was using a small antenna on the patio to tap into military calls. 

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Sam: Fi, slow down!
Fiona: You said you wanted to go faster.

[rolls out from under truck] Don't try that at home.