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The episode opened with Michael who is currently a "CIA Asset" (until his burn notice is lifted) meeting up with the CIA Officer Max to capture one of the men that helped burn him name Hector. Hector is the next to last person on the list of the people who burned Michael; the last person is a man named Kessler. Michael got Hector to roll over on Kessler and say where he was located.

Michael has been working six months to find everyone who helped burn him. After a short visit to Miami to see his friends and family he was off to Venezuela with Max, Fiona and Sam to try and capture Hector. Michael had insisted to Raines (his new boss) that he had to have his team (Fiona and Sam) if they wanted his help.

Fiona and Sam did not like playing second string to Max and the official CIA team. Max had everything setup for them for their part in the operation and Fiona and Sam resented it. Michael attempted to play peace-keeper between the CIA and Fiona/Sam as they continued to dislike what they were assigned to do.

The operation came down to the final stage where Max's team was going to grab Hector. Just as the team went to grab Hector all hell broke loose. Michael and Max were in the control van to far from the scene to help, Michael, got a call from Fiona and Sam who had not followed orders and was at the scene of the capture helping recover survivors of Max's team.

Max and Michael went after Hector as he tried to return to his compound. They eventually trapped him in some form of safe room and using a makeshift explosive blasted a hole in the wall and found that Hector had killed himself, leaving him without the answers he wanted.

Back in Miami Max thanked Fiona and Sam for their help and the four of them discussed that it was finally over; the list was done and put to rest. Looking at Michael face, are we sure it is?

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Michael: Don't you think we would be more comfortable on the bed?
Fiona: What makes you think I care if youíre comfortable?

Raines: I know Michael, you want answers
Michael: No, Raines, I need answers.