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The episode opened with Michael, Fiona, Madeline, and Sam looking at the image of the man who pretended to be Michael and bought the cell phone that was used by Max’s killer. Michael got a call from Pearce saying she needed him for another job the next day.

Pearce wanted Michael’s help recovering an unmanned drone before it was sold to some Serbians. Unfortunately for Michael when he got to the dealer he had already sold it. Pearce’s boss wanted to speed things up getting the drone back and doing so would compromise Pearce’s asset who was planted inside.

Michael told her he could get the drone back under the CIA radar and prevent her asset from being discovered or harmed. Michael came up with a plan to use the drug kingpin Carmelo to hunt the Serbs. The plan called for Sam to be planted so that Carmelo could find him; Sam would point him at the Serbs and get out once the drone was found.

All went as planned until Carmelo did a drive by on the Serbs and picked up one of them to question. The Serb said he had never seen Sam before. Sam said he could prove the guy was lying and described how there were scales, drugs and yogurt at the guys place when he was there. Jesse and Michael beat Carmelo to Serbs place and got the stuff planted.

Carmelo did as expected and went to raid the marina where the drone was. However, the CIA official Manaro and Bailey would not authorize a team to pull Sam out. Michael told Pearce he would handle it.

As Carmelo entered the Marina taking out the Serbs Michael swam across, just as Carmelo was about to shoot Sam, Michael stepped up and said he shouldn’t. While Carmelo really wanted to kill them both, Michael convinced him to play the hero and turn over the drone to the police that were arriving and he would walk away free.

Fiona and Madeline found the man that had been Michael’s twin in the video, Sam and Michael followed him and watch him buy a gun and then walk into an industrial area.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

You rob him; he sucks the marrow from your bones. I like my marrow in bones.


Sam: This is starting to feel personal
Michael: It's been personal since Max bled out in my arms.