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The episode opened with Michael at his moms welcoming Nate back to Miami and meeting his nephew. Nate has moved back to Miami so that he and his family could be close to Madeline and Michael.

Michael found that he was having trouble turning off “spy mode” when he was not on a job and first assaulted a guy who almost pulled a teddy bear on him and then woke up pointing a gun at the door when nobody was there.

Fiona and Sam believed the issue was he needed to put the past behind him and move forward away from thinking about those who burned him; while Michael kept assuring him he was fine. Nate finally got his mind off of it a little bit when he came to him with a friend who needed help. He was friends with Jessica’s husband who passed away leaving her with his gambling debts.

The guy who was trying to collect was named Carter and Michael had a plan to help Jessica. Michael posed as a guy from Vegas who could help Carter and his boss get the boat that Jessica’s father owned with fake papers. Meanwhile he would set Carter up to look like a cop and get another scumbag off the street.

Unfortunately for Michael, Carter turned out to really be an FBI agent so Michael had to scramble to help save Carter before he got killed. Michael was able to stop Carter’s boss and save Carters life at the same time. Michael was rewarded with free frozen yogurt for life from Jessica’s shop.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Mike, we've always known you were crazy; we just don't want you going crazy crazy.


Nate: how's Fiona, mom says you're living together.
Madeline: Yeah, It's moving fast, at this rate they will be married by the time they are 60.