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The episode opened with Michael, Fiona, and Sam getting ready to melt down the gun that Michael believes to be the murder weapon used on Max. Jesse showed up just as they were ready to finish, advising them that once they start a cover up, there is no going back.

Michael met with Agent Pearce who was not only Max’s replacement, but she is also heading up the investigation into his death. Max is honest with Michael that she first thought he might be involved but that him showing up was a good sign.

Michael convinced Pearce to let him help with the cell phone tracing as he wanted to make sure they didn’t find his call to Fiona. Jesse was able to work some magic and figured out that a disposable cell was used and he narrowed down the store it was purchase from.

Meanwhile, Michael took on a case for an ex-sniper named Ethan whose sister was brutally beaten.  Ethan insists on being involved in every step of the plan to bring down Ramsey, the man who beat his sister.

Michael worked out a plan to get Ramsey’s men to turn on him for a medical scam he is running and to let him be caught in the act of trying to finish off Ethan’s sister. As Ramsey was being dragged away Ethan was there so Ramsey knew it was him that took him down.

While Ethan agreed to meet with some CIA people Michael pointed him too for a possible career change, Madeline had been watching the tapes from the store that the disposable cell phone was purchased from and a man that looked like Michael, had purchased a phone.

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Michael: Am I a suspect?
Pearce: Honestly, when I heard there was a burn spy was mixed up with max, my first instinct was to fit you for a head bag
Michael: I appreciate your restraint

Sam: this train is rolling brother; the only question is if you're on board
Jesse: Hell yeah, I'm on board.