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In the aftermath of Ben's execution, Michael left his friends behind to go on a mission for James. He's tasked with taking out a friend of his that's getting to close. He tries to talk Sonya into another plan, but isn't successful. Michael then reaches out to Strong for a way out. Surprisingly, Strong supports the mission and tells Michael to go through with killing Steele. Michael and Sonya's first attempt fails due to a signal jammer preventing their planned explosion. In the end, Michael is forced to use a sniper rifle to take out his friend.


Meanwhile, Fiona helps Carlos deal with troubles from his past. He ratted out a gangster who was sent to jail. When the gangster got out early, he wanted revenge on Carlos. Fiona helps Carlos escape capture and then find a witness that could put the gangster behind bars again. When Carlos meets with the cop, he's double-crossed. She gets killed and he is captured. Fiona calls Michael to help free Carlos. Michael pretends to be the witness and calls on Sonya's contacts to get a Colombia drug supplier to put an end to the hit on Carlos.


Their plan works but it comes at great cost. The Colombian drug dealer had the gangster killed and he was compelled to cooperate due to an attack on his compound. People were killed in order to free Carlos. He struggles with that decision and leaves Fiona.

Burn Notice
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This is what it takes.


I'm here and I'm sorry.