In this episode, Karen and Becca take Marcy out for a ladies night out, their boys decide to have a night out of their own.

Karen has been withholding sex from Hank since she can't get the image of him and Felicia out of her head. Marcy is also feeling down in the dumps since she got dumped by Rick Springfield. Becca comes along to be treated like a big girl for the evening.

Charlie got fired for his little indiscretion with Rick Springfield. Hank takes him out for drinks. At the bar, a guy spills on Charlie, and Hank is not satisfied with his "perfunctory" apology. The guy apologizes for insulting Hank's girlfriend. Hank responds by kissing Charlie on the mouth and then punching the guy in the face. They get kicked out of the bar (nothing new for them), and decide that this will only be the start of the evening - they're going on a bender. 

They find their way to a bookstore, where they find a signed original edition of one of Hank's earlier novels, selling for $100. But they don't get any of that money, so they decide to steal it. They run into the ladies on the street, who are on their way home. Hank and Charlie are only getting started, so they hit up the liquor store next. 

Hank drops a bottle, and the owner, Mr. Kim, goes to the back to get some cleanup supplies. Hank notices a kid in the store stealing some alcohol and asks him to put it back. The kid and his friend pull guns on them. Luckily, Mr. Kim comes out firing and the two punks run out. Charlie and Hank discuss how their lives flashed before them and how much their girls mean to them.

When they wake up from their night in Hank's porsche, Hank and Charlie realize they got tattoos the night before. Charlie's is a tramp stamp of a butterly and Hank's is an anchor on his shoulder with Karen and Becca printed across. 

Becca has a heart to heart with Karen, telling her that she either has to accept Hank as he is and stop trying to change him, or she has to get out. It seems like Karen has decided to accept him as he is and to forgive him, based on her diplomatic offering of breakfast when Hank gets home from a night of debauchery. 

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Californication Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I had my whole life flash before my eyes, really just like a TIVO on fast forward, and you know what? It was really fucking pathetic.


Jesus, I love this little buddha you shot out of your vag! So wise!