In this episode of Californication, women throw themselves at Hank left and right. And he turns them down, sorta. 


Felicia Koons invites Hank to another dinner party. In the course of a few hours, he manages to get hit on by a married woman (Felicia), his hostile TA (Jill), and his stripper coed (Jackie), but not in that order. Felicia finds Hank playing in their "toy room" which is literally a toy room for her husband Stacy, and not anything sexual. She questions him about his relationship with Karen, insinuating that she was hoping to set him up - apparently, it's with her, as she puts the moves on him. This is interrupted by Hank's student Jackie, who is bartending the event. She is a bit taken aback by what she sees, and implies that with very little effort he could have had someone much younger and hotter (i.e. her). 


Jill is a little miffed that she has been stood up by a date. Hank gives her a pep talk in Dean Koons' office, and they sip on his secret stash of top shelf liquor. Jill is flattered by Hank's comments, but he tells her he's emotionally unavailable. She then proceeds to kiss him and wrap her legs around him - and despite his emotional unavailability, Hank participates whole-heartedly. Later in the night, Jill's date arrives, and Hank forces her to give him another chance, which effectively gives him an escape. 


Becca and Chelsea spend the evening shrooming and talking about their sexual experiences, or lack of experience in Becca's case. Chelsea says she'll make it her mission to get Becca laid this year. Becca seems less interested.  She thinks that if her parents hadn't jumped into sex, she wouldn't be here and she thinks her parents would be happier. Awwww, sad!


On a happier note, Charlie is finally getting some work! If you thought Charlie's boss Sue was hot for him before, he is in serious trouble once he signs Rick Springfield to the agency! Feeling good about procuring a new client, Charlie automatically reaches out to Marcy - but she's not inclined to celebrate with him because she's Marcy and she's stubborn and angry. But it seems like she feels guilty, because she later shows up to his office with a bottle of champagne. She doesn't find Charlie, but finds Sue sitting at his desk... on Charlie! He finally caved! So gross! And unfortunately that means he's taken another two steps back from his goal of winning Marcy back - but, luckily he can crash at Hank's for as long as he needs to hide his shame. 

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Californication Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Charlie? Charlie Runkle? Are you inside that woman?


We're 100% sure she's a 100% woman, right?