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This week's episode is really a continuation of last week's story line, with Hank being chased by three women: his TA, Jill, his boss's wife, Felicia, and his student, Jackie. All of these women should be off limits, but I guess that's what makes it all the more appealing to Hank. However, it's really the women who are the aggressors here! 

Felicia confesses that she has never stepped out on her husband, Stacy. However, he had cheated on her with one of his students, and she seems to be looking to settle the score - with Hank. 

Jill had a taste of Hank, and decided she wants some more. A lot more. All the time.

Jackie has dropped Hank's writing class. Naturally, as any concerned professor would do, he decides to follow up with his student at her place of work: Faster Pussycat. She can't afford to just shoot the breeze with her prof, so he pays for a lap dance while they talk about her future. Jackie quit the class because she is a business major and didn't have time for an elective. Hank thinks she still has promise as a writer and encourages her to reconsider writing as an alternative to stripping. On the up side, however, her quitting Hank's class means she's no longer his student, and thus, any relationships between them would not be frowned upon - as much, anyway.

He later sees Jackie leaving the club with a group of douchey-looking guys and steps in to make sure she's not in trouble. He ends up getting beat on by these guys, but Jackie brings him home to tend to his wounds. Surprise, surprise - they hook up. 

The episode ends with all three women sitting in on Hank's class, shamelessly hitting on him, and it seems that he has a predicament. The ladies have the hots for Hank, but his heart still belongs to Karen. But is that enough to change his behavior? If history has told us anything, then definitely not!

On a side note, little Becca is becoming a woman. She wants to take on more adult fashion, and understandably, Hank is not fully on board. Felicia offers to take her shopping, as his own attempt to take Becca did not go very well. Hank just wants to hold on to his little girl who likes to eat hot dogs and wear vintage shirts. That Becca is nowhere to be found these days.

And finally, Marcy and Charlie have a potential buyer for the house. Only, the buyers are completely grossed out upon seeing a toilet with a bloody tampon. Yeah... realtors would probably discourage this sort of thing in favor of something like baking chocolate chip cookies, to make the home more sell-friendly.  And Marcy had been convinced that Charlie would screw up the sale somehow! Charlie takes advantage of Marcy's moment of weakness, and they end up in bed together! Will it stick, though? We'll have to wait to see...

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Californication Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Hank: This is frowned upon.
Jackie: Give me a break. You once spent an entire class ranting about how much you hate Coldplay. Something tells me you could care less about what's frowned upon.
Hank: Still one of my favorite lectures.

Hank: You still love me?
Karen: Always, that's the problem.