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This week’s episode, “Suicide Solution,” began with a hilarious case of mistaken identity.

Thinking her soon to be ex Charlie was in bed with her and at full attention, she began to administer the five-knuckle shuffle only to realize it was Hank who was actually in the bed with her. After Marci gave Hank a jump-start to the day, he learned that his Porsche needed the same. Karen lent assistance but reluctantly and did nothing to show his disdain for Moody.

The list of people who hate Hank is long but distinguished. One of the most recent additions, Abby (Carla Gugino) was fed up with Hank’s disregard for her precious time and she questioned what it is he wants from her.

All Becca has ever wanted is her dad to be there for her and to grow up. Hank still unable to give her this instead offered to buy her a new guitar, but when she found one she liked at the shop run by Zakk Wylde, his credit card was rejected.

If the film version of Fucking and Punching gets completed though, Hank’s money woes should be no longer. The film’s production took a positive step when Eddie Nero (Rob Lowe) expressed his interest to play Hank in a meeting Charlie set up.

The script still needs work though and Sasha tried to again convince Hank to sit down and work on it. After she left him alone in her hotel room, Hank grabbed a bunch of sleeping pills from her bathroom.

He returned home and sat down to write an apology letter to Becca, but all the while ingesting the pills and booze.  The sorry note ended up looking like a suicide note as Hank fell to the floor and unconsciousness washed over him to end the episode ended.

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Californication Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Fuck you, you fucking pedophile what's so gross about fucking me?


Hank: No Charlie you look good. Like a baby. Like a big sexy baby.
Charlie: Thank you.