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The following too place on Caprica this week...

Lacy was invited over for lunch at Clarice's house and met her husbands and wives. Yes, plural. She's part of a group marriage, which is somewhat comment on Caprica apparently. After Lacy left, Clarice's family accused her of taking advantage of this child, but Clarice said she was only trying to help. It was hinted that this sort of thing has happened before, but Clarice didn't want to hear it.

She ended up at a bar, for the first time in awhile, and smoked what the drug of choice there was.

Meanwhile, Joseph's brother introduced William to his world as muscle for the mob. He even taught William some shady lessons (such as: when someone tries to make you feel guilty, turn the tables and do the same to them). Joseph was unhapy to learn that William skipped school for this endeavor and seems as lost as ever regarding how to raise his child. He also wants to see his daughter again.

But after avoiding numerous phone calls from his quasi friend, Daniel tells Joseph this isn't possible. The programs for the kids' avatars have been lost.

This isn't the case for Zoe, of course. She's inside Cylon body that only responds to her chip for some reason. The workers can't figure it out, so they bring it to Daniel's for work. On the way, Cylon Zoe gets upset and breaks free from her constraints. This seems to be a response to bad way she had been treated by one of the workers.

They get her under control and she's placed inside her old home. She calls Lacy and the friends sort of bond. It's interesting to see how the show handles Zoe in this state. It goes back and forth between showing viewers her as a Cylon and her as a regular girl. Everyone on the show, of course, just sees her as a Cylon; a very confusing one at that.

Finally, there's a memorial for the victims of the train bombing. There, Amanda meets the mother of Zoe's boyfriend, Ben Stark. Amanda didn't even know her daughter had a boyfriend. This woman gives Amanda some items of Zoe's... including a pin that's the symbol of The Soldiers of the One. Amanda now suspects that her daughter really was behind the attack...

... and she goes on the podium, in front of thousands in the audiences and national TV, and actually says this. She gets booed off the stage, of course, and the episode ends with Daniel whisking her away in a limo.

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Caprica Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

The crowd goes frakking wild, sir. They're tearing up the seats. It's bedlam.


Zoe: Do I look male to you?
Lacy: Yeah.
Zoe: Frak.